Who we are

Brown AMDUG is run by a team of undergraduate students who are passionate about math and how it's used in fields such as computer science and economics. If you're interested in joining our team, come to our meetings—we'd love to chat with you!

Applied Math Department Castle


Berke Türkay


Berke is a senior concentrating in APMA-Econ and is co-president of Brown AMDUG. He is also a TA for APMA 330 and enjoys discussions about economics, politics, and history.


Demetri Tsatsaros


Demetri is a junior concentrating in APMA-CS and Classics and is co-president of Brown AMDUG. Outside of the classroom, he is also interested in cooking and powerlifting.


Adam Wang

Technology Chair

Adam is a sophomore planning to study computer science and applied math. He enjoys creating web and mobile apps as well as playing the cello in various music groups.